Services for consumer and business marketers

Fresh Page is a creative business communications consultancy offering a complete portfolio of task-focused Creative Direction services for business and consumer marketers. These include:

  •  Brand Planning
  • Creative workshops
  • Creative concepts, sketch layouts, copy, design, scripts and presentations
  • Highly finished Mac layouts and presentations
  • Creative production, finished art, AV, print, online and TV production

Fresh Page delivers fully integrated campaigns built around a single campaign theme. Integrated campaign activities include:

  • Internal marketing communications such as online and print newsletters
  • Advertising campaigns in  press, magazines, radio and TV
  • Direct Marketing tools, for example, direct mail pieces and  powerful case-making direct mail letters
  • Brochures, reports, flyers and customer newsletters

Fresh Page creates communications that concentrate on:

  • Articulating management strategies in simple compelling words and pictures
  • Defining and expressing dynamic differentiation in marketing communications
  • Using creativity to achieve business results

Fresh Page works across all  sectors based on in-depth experience in services, IT, telecommunications, environmental services, travel, aviation and consumer products.